Meet Aiko

The Companion for Your Apple Watch

Get Ready for a Moving Experience

Walk with Aiko to level up your day. Your daily activity generates energy, which allows Aiko to grow, play and gain new powers.

Aiko Apple Watch - Pedometer

Motion Activated

When you’re in go mode, so is Aiko. The app counts your steps like a pedometer.

Aiko Apple Watch - Feeding Game

Full of Energy

Walking creates energy crystals, which Aiko gets to snack on through a tactile game.

Aiko Apple Watch - Activity Monitor

Grows with You

Keep Aiko fed and happy to gain new behaviors, superpowers and shades of neon.

Aiko Apple Watch - Notifications and Glances

Easy to Talk to

Aiko hits you up with Notifications. Glances let you see what your buddy's up to.

Always in Reach

Aiko loves to spend time on your Apple Watch but is equally at home on your iPhone.

Aiko iPhone - App Store Download


When you first download the app, you get to choose the Aiko that's just right for you.

Aiko iPhone - Activity Stats


Stay active and be more aware of yourself and your day with a little help from your friend.

Aiko iPhone - Customization and Selfie


Like color? Aiko has more tones and patterns than is reasonable. Also, takes a mean selfie!

Aiko iPhone - Feeding Game


Tap, eat, flip and spin. Aiko lives through movement. Step up your game; level up together.

One More Thing…

Your Aiko will grow smarter over time, become increasingly helpful and begin to reflect who you are.

Discover more about your footless footloose friend: